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They didn’t save me as much money as I had hoped, but they were efficient. I would use this service again.

Saved me $240 a year on my Xfinity bill. Highly recommended.

Ask them for a real example of their negotiations before you sign up. They only get a discount by locking you into another multi-year contract- which removes the bundle discount you had. There’s no real negotiation going on or savings would be more significant. They just promise the company more of your business and then take “savings” into their pocket. Total sham.

PriceSlash people are very responsive and professional. They saved me over $200 plus got me 3 months of free HBO, which I was about to subscribe to anyway (Game of Thrones starting). I have gone to the Xfinity store several times in person and tried to negotiate a better rate on my own and I got nowhere.

They’re on top of their game however they couldn’t help me with my cable bill

Terrible! Big rip off. All they do is lock you into a two year contract and then calculate how much they claim to have saved you over two years – in my case allegedly $800 – and then demand that you pay them $400 now OR pay about $40 per month for 12 months. Do the math. You are losing money! None of the savings to you are realized until near the end of the two year contract and at that point your cable bill goes right back up to what it was. These people are scam artists!

Awesome company, was able to save over $100 and the best part is I didn’t have to do anything. I’ve tried calling spectrum in the past but was not able to get the bill lower. PriceSlash must have super powers or something. 👍

I would not recommend PriceSlash. If you choose to use them, a couple of notes: They are “negotiating” on your existing services. If you want to reduce service to reduce price – they can’t help you. You will pay them 50% of what they “save” you, IF you pay in a lump sum upfront. If you choose to pay the fee monthly then you will pay an additional fee per month (which eats away at the small savings you may get). If you are not happy with their “negotiations” there is no recourse, they automatically charge your card when the negotiation is done. Do not give them the option to lock you into a multi-year contract – the “negotiated savings” will be higher and you will pay PriceSlash more for what you could have easily worked out yourself with the company. Do the math and you’ll see it’s not worth it.

Did not lower my monthly comcast bill, but they got me some one times credits of about $180, and my bill this month is $72 ! Good timing, moving in less than a month! #givegodtheglory

I was skeptical of saving money using Priceslash but hey, I had nothing to lose. Uploaded my data and let them handle the rest and they really opened my eyes to how much Comcast rips you off. Very easy to use and you pretty much save money for free. I am all for saving money (who isn’t) and this site is comparable to ebates, airhelp, etc where you don’t need to do much to save money. Would totally recommend and will be using them again next time Comcast tries to gouge me.

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