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BillShark Complaint: The worst service I’ve ever used or seen– ever!!! All of my bills except one were rejected– no help. The one that wasn’t, I received a 1 time off $15. Sine then, I’ve been bombarded with emails/ phone calls!! DOZENS & DOZENS OF THEM!! I’ve asked, tried to get them to stop– what do they do this morning? Email me.
For those of you considering this & value your privacy, believe me, not worth $15– it doesn’t stop. This review site doesn’t allow no stars.

BillShark Complaint:  I signed-up for an evaluation of BillShark many months ago. After demo’ing the service I decided it wasn’t for me and I opted out. Billshark has been pursuant since that time. Emails, phone calls, and etc. about my account and attempts to collect for services I do not utilize. A few months ago I… reached out to them to clear things up, and they deleted/cleared my account. This week, we received new notices from bill collection agents – two separate bill collectors, contacting me as well as my wife. At what point does this become harassment?

BillShark Complaint:  It costed me 22 dollars for their service while the cost of each of my monthly phone bill went up by 13 dollars?… bad deal

BillShark Complaint:  I saw an ad through Facebook and the slides indicated there was no fee to try and if there wasn’t a better rate etc there would be no fee. I didn’t realize that if a better rate could be negotiated (even if it is a one time 20 credit) there is automatically a fee. I talked to a rep twice on the phone and never once did they mention I would be charged for this service. I ended up saving around $260 but owe them a little over $100… Why would that be a service worth paying for if I have to pay Billshark up front almost half they “saved” me over the next 12 months? I won’t even start seeing any benefits from their “help” until about 6 months due to paying them about half the cost.

BillShark Complaint:  Bill Shark deducted $98.30 from my checking account without providing the promised services. I have reached out to them numerous time with proof showing they have not provided services. They failed to provide me with a resolution after I provided them more than adequate time to do the right thing. I… have also filed an official complaint with ***** bank.

BillShark Complaint:  Unless you have some seriously high bills, they’re not interested in you. After receiving an email saying that they needed other information, I began a chat with somebody in la-la land. First off, they couldn’t read my bills, but never bothered to tell me that. Ok, re-scanned. Then, within a matter of seconds, it went from ‘not assigned’ to ‘zero’ savings. WOW….they must have gotten thru to the vendors in nano seconds. That aside, they had a completely wrong phone number for me, beginning with 080…..OOPS, nowhere to change that on their website, or your address, or your email address. And lastly, because they probably hire cell phone raised kids, their grammar on that website is typical for people who don’t think it matters. It does. Find yourself someone with ethics, preferably one with an English background to PROOF-READ what you are impementing on your website. Hopefully, you find someone left in this world who knows what they’re reading and still cares if the written word is spoken correctly.

BillShark Complaint:  In November, I signed up for their service and I then received a voicemail saying they had success negotiated savings on my combined **** bill. I was immediately sent a bill for $480. After a few weeks, **** charged me for 3 whole months worth of service in a six week period. All three of those…charges were for the same amount my bill was before Billshark got involved. I spent an hour on the phone with **** and eventually found out they my bill date was changed and nothing else. I regularly received billing emails from Billshark requesting payment. I corrected the billing date problem that Billshark created. I emailed Billshark and told them they had not done me a service and I was not paying them. I told them they did not have permission to contact **** on my behalf. A few days later, I received another message from Billshark saying they had contacted **** again and had negotiated a decrease in my monthly bill. I again emailed Billshark and told them I had forbidden them from contacting **** on my behalf, my bill was unchanged and I wanted no further contact from them. Yesterday, I received a notice from a collection agency attempting to collect $480 for services rendered by Billshark. Billshark has done nothing to help me and has only cost me money, not saved me any.

BillShark Complaint:  I tried using BillShark for my internet bill. When I did it initially, I didn’t realize that they were going to go on and do it, and then charge me for it. So, I wasn’t too happy about that. There was no clarity. Normally when I go online and buy something, I know what I’m buying. But with BillShark, it was very unclear. My impression was that if I submitted a bill, then they would review it and get back to me and let me know how much they could save. Then I would make a decision whether I could do it, as opposed to, “Here’s a bill.” And then, they go and do it. They charged me for about $120.

I had a supervisor reach out because I was surprised that I was charged at that time. He gave me a list and said they couldn’t do anything after they’ve traded the bill. Nothing was going to happen unless I canceled. Then, I sent a cancellation form proving that I canceled it. I wouldn’t recommend them. They could be good, but one has to be be careful.

BillShark Complaint:  They have deleted my account it looks like. Signed up 2-3 weeks back. Uploaded my cable and cell phone bill’s. Haven’t heard a thing back. I checked progress on their website last week and said it was processing. Logged in again yesterday and today, cant access my account. I’ve been calling them for 2 days, no one picks up. Left message and email. Nothing. On indefinite hold. Not a goods experience at all…. Beware

Charged by this fake business for a service they did not provide. They charged me money for saving me money supposedly, but I saved absolutely nothing and they stuck me with a bill. So Scam Alert. Customer service is a joke. Took 30 minutes online in their chat to FINALLY get them to give me a… phone number I could call to speak with someone knowledgeable about their business. I then called and the representative played dumb and/or confused. I stated I did not want to be charged for not getting what they promised. They would not state that I was not getting charged, just kept replying: Do you want to cancel your membership? Would not give me a straight answer. They kept misleading me into thinking they understood and that canceling would resolve the issue, but it did not.

BillShark Complaint: I was not thrilled with BillShark for several reasons.

I will give the good first. Good:
– Saved me $5 a month on my phone bill
– Got me better services through AT&T

– Initially, my shark states I had a savings of $75 a month for a total of $1,800 over two years,( and that my invoice would be $720. This was staggering because they do not really advertise the fact that you owe them the $720 within a week of service.
– Upon review, the Shark that did my billing did the math wrong, and in actuality I was only saving $45 a month for a total of $1,080 over two years. I contacted the Shark and she was very apologetic, revised my invoice to the new amount of $432, and offered me an extra 20% off my invoice amount. Now I’m down to $346.
– After receiving my AT&T bill, I found that my new amount being paid was virtually the same as what I was paying previously. Upon inspecting my bills I realized that my shark failed to account for the “4th line free” promotion I was receiving on my previous plan. In actuality I was only saving $5 a month for a total of $120 over two years.
– I emailed my shark, no response. I called my shark, no response. I emailed customer service and finally got a delayed response. In the time it took to get a hold of them, I was charged automatically the full $346.
– My shark finally emailed me the next day stating she opened a ticket. I finally got a reply the next day saying “you are correct, we did not account for the free line you were receiving. We have adjusted your invoice to reflect you having a monthly savings of $15”
– Awesome! Wait. That math STILL doesnt make sense. After sending them another copy of my AT&T bill, they realized, again, they had not added my bill correctly and admitted to only have saved $5 a month, and refunded my money except for the $48ish I owed them for my 2 year savings.

TL;DR – If I had not paid attention to what BillShark was doing, I would have paid them $720. Which is $500 more than they even saved me in the first place and $680 more than what I actually owed them. The vast amount of time I had to take reviewing my bills, contacting my shark and customer service FAR exceeded the effort I would have put in to just calling AT&T myself and negotiating with them. Absolutely regret signing up for BillShark, I have already talked 2 friends OUT of signing up.


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