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These guys are fast and really easy to work with. I got $280 in savings on my FiOS bill the same day I signed up for their service. Plus you only pay a percentage of the savings they get for you, which is a cool way to do it because then you know they are going to get the best deal for you.

If you’re getting ripped off by one the many large, customer service nightmares that are American telecom companies, give BillFixers a call. Their negotiating skills saved me hundreds of dollars and I didn’t have to do a thing.

BillFixers more than cut our internet bill in half and dealt with our provider’s headaches in the process. I’m continuing to use them for all of our other bills and referring them to my family/friends.

The guys at Billfixers found out that my provider was ripping me off and saved me over $30/month, with zero effort on my part. Pretty ideal.

I submitted my AT&T (internet, land line, DirecTV) and Verizon cell bills … and then the ‘magic’ began. Initially BillFixers got me a $ 474 savingsto be shared.

However, BillFixers circled back to DirectTV and negotiated additional $ 360 savings; so the total annual savings came to $ 834 that we share. All of my service plans remain the same. BillFixers did their thing, kept me updated on results and delivered !! They are a legit service company … check them out, you have nothing to lose.

These guys are fast and really easy to work with. I got $280 in savings on my FiOS bill the same day I signed up for their service. They take the aggravation out of what I find to be a loathsome task. Plus it costs nothing upfront and you only pay a percentage of the savings they get for you, so there’s really no reason not to try it.

I was hesitant to send them copies of my bills, but this is a real company! I sent them a copy of my Comcast (Internet/TV/Home Security System) bill, and they were able to negotiate a savings of $400 per year and I keep the exact same services! I’m in shock that it worked and that it’s so easy! Yes, they get to keep half of the savings ($200), so that stinks for me, but they did all the work, so they deserve it. And they let you do a payment plan so all $200 isn’t due at once. I’m very pleased with this service and will be sharing with friends and family!! Thanks, BillFixers!!

Could not get Hughes Net to let us go after 3 months of terrible service. Got in touch with BillFixers – partial fix next day. They pushed a little bit more – full release – got out of the $580 phone and internet early termination fees. Owe the guys $290, but what a relief – well worth it!

BillFixers saved us $440 on our Comcast bill last year, highly recommend to everyone! I don’t know how they work their magic, but they sure know how to pull some strings!

I have absolutely no investment in writing this review other than they are totally solid people and deserve this kickin’ feedback. When I first contacted them, I didn’t give my password, I didn’t talk to them on the phone. I didn’t want to.  I just uploaded my cable bill and said, “Make it less”. They did exactly that. My cable bill was reduced by $30 a month with free HBO and no 2 year contract. Bingo! Exactly what I wanted. But wait, hold up! There’s more. THEN…a few months later I call Comcast for a tech service issue. The tech comes out and arrives at my building, can’t find me using the phone numbers on file so he calls BILLFIXERS instead of me and because I was unreachable Billfixers arranged a new service time for the Comcast tech to return to my premises to fix my equipment issue and contacted me immediately via email to make sure that was alright. Whaaat? YES! Amazing. All of ’em.

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