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When I first heard of BillFixers on NBC Nightly News last year, I was skeptical. They claim to be a no-lose scenario where you don’t do any work and end up with free money and I didn’t think that was possible. I was wrong. BillFixers is the real deal. They lowered all the bills I sent and I endorse it fully. Here’s my BillFixers review:

BillFixers Review

Customer Service

A little background

Like I said, I first saw BillFixers on the news, but I’d never heard of a bill negotiation service before wanted to make sure I did my research and found a couple of articles about them in The New York Times, CNET, and TIME. You can read those for more in depth but you’re here to read my review, so here’s how it basically works: you send them your bills (cable, internet, phone, whatever) and they call up your providers and get you a better deal. They say they don’t change any of your providers or services and just negotiate a lower rate. How???

I’ve been battling with Comcast for years about our bill. When we moved to this house, I had cable with them, but they raised the prices and screwed up our service so much that I eventually tried to cancel it and switch to DirecTV. Comcast was the only option at our house for internet, so I had to keep them for that since I write from home and wouldn’t survive without Netflix, but all of my TV is now through DirecTV. I (try to) call both of them every year to get the rates lower, but lately they don’t do more than $5 or $10 of a month, even though my internet slowed to a crawl for most of last July. So I called and called and they gave me a “loyalty credit” for $15 and said it was resolved. Some people love doing this, but personally I hate it.

So, I saw the story on BillFixers and meant to call to see if they could negotiate the bill. But I forgot and then months went by and I meant to call Comcast and DirecTV and negotiate my bills myself, but I forgot to do that too. We’re busy and always running around and I just never got around to it. I know, I know.

My BillFixers Story

I decided to give BillFixers a try and went to their site. To start, you’re supposed to upload your bills. I pay all my bills online, so I just downloaded copies and then submitted them on the site, but they say you can scan them or mail them in or whatever is most convenient for you. Signing up was (too?) simple. I put in my email and phone number and uploaded Comcast and DirecTV and my AT&T cell bill and submitted and then I was done. There was also a page afterwards where I could put in the PIN for AT&T and tell them about my problems with my bills.

Then I waited. I got an email from them that said they were really busy and that it could take up to a month, but after a week or so I got an email offering some plan changes with AT&T from my BillFixer, Cori. Apparently when we’d last upgraded our phones, the new plan they put us in was actually like 4 times as much data as we were using.

I asked her a couple of questions about it and she was super sweet and responsive and helped explain the different plans and we settled on one that would still give us more data than we were using on our highest month. She said they were still working on the DirecTV and Comcast, but would let me know how it went. At one point, I got a call from Comcast to take a survey apparently because BillFixers was calling, but I just hung up and Cori told me I could ignore that.

Then I got an email from BillFixers:

Wow. I set up monthly billing online and waited to see my new bill. The Comcast speed boost happened immediately and I logged into my providers and saw the credits applied.

My next bills came even lower than BillFixers said, so I contacted them—they walked me through the line items and showed me the prorated credits that were on there. The month after, everything showed up exactly as expected.

I’m thrilled and will work with them again! That’s my BillFixers Review. If you’re interested in signing up, click here!


Disclosure: We have a financial relationship with BillFixers.

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