Author: Linda R.

Shrinkabill vs. BillFixers

BillFixers and Shrinkabill are bill negotiation companies that cut your bills. We look at BillFixers and Shrinkabill comparisons, considering things like Shrinkabill complaints and BillFixers savings to determine the best bill negotiation service to lower your monthly bills. Want to know who wins in Shrinkabill vs. BillFixers? Read on! Provider ✅ BillFixers Shrinkabill Website Overview Our recommended bill negotiation service. Industry leading average savings and success rate, but charge 5% more. Underdog choice for bill negotiation. Shrinkabill doesn’t have a lot about them online and they have concerning terms, but they’re new. Avg. Reviews 97% 90% Average Savings ✅...

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BillFixers vs. Billcutterz

BillFixers and Billcutterz are bill negotiation companies that reduce your costs for things like tv, internet, and phone. We look at BillFixers vs. Billcutterz, considering things like Billcutterz reviews and BillFixers statistics to determine the best bill negotiation service to save you money. Want to know who wins in BillFixers vs. billcutterz? Read on! Provider ✅ BillFixers Billcutterz Website Overview Recommended bill negotiation option. Higher savings and more offerings for the same percentage means more bang for your buck. Solid old school choice for bill negotiation. Doesn’t seem to have the best savings, but online reviews seem mostly positive....

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BillFixers Review

When I first heard of BillFixers on NBC Nightly News last year, I was skeptical. They claim to be a no-lose scenario where you don’t do any work and end up with free money and I didn’t think that was possible. I was wrong. BillFixers is the real deal. They lowered all the bills I sent and I endorse it fully. Here’s my BillFixers review: BillFixers Review Savings 100% Speed 85% Coolness 100% Customer Service 95% A little background Like I said, I first saw BillFixers on the news, but I’d never heard of a bill negotiation service before wanted to make sure I...

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